Available Forms

Nextform has a growing list of available forms. All forms share a common form object. The data property of the form object varies depending on the form type. Also, each form has its own signing party or parties.

If you are unsure which form to use, you can specify a formType of auto which will present your contact with a short questionnaire which will direct them to the correct form.

List of available forms
NameDescriptionType IdentifierSigning Parties
W-9 (Oct 2018)Request for Taxpayer ID Numberw9Oct2018usPerson
W-8BEN (Oct 2021)Status of Beneficial Ownerw8benOct2021beneficialOwner
W-8BEN-E (Oct 2021)Status of Beneficial Owner (Entity)w8beneOct2021authorizedSigner

If you would like to request a form we don't currently offer, please contact us.