Importing Contacts

Contacts are the people and organizations that you collect forms from. Nextform allows you to send forms to your contacts via email. From the Contacts page, you can view, edit, and delete your contacts. You can also send forms to your contacts, and you can import and export your contacts.

You can import up to 10,000 contacts at a time from a CSV file. You can download a CSV template here. The first row of the CSV file must be a header row with the following column names:

Email valid email address required

The email address of the person you are requesting a form from.

Name string optional

The name of the person you are requesting a form from.

Reference string optional

A reference id for your records. This can be a customer id, a transaction id, or any other reference number.

Brand ID string optional

If you want to display a different brand on the form, you can specify the brand id here. You can find the brand id on the brands page. Brands are only available on enterprise accounts.

Custom Fields string optional

You can include up to three custom fields in your CSV file. Custom fields must be defined in your contact settings. Custom fields are only available on paenterprise accounts. The name of the custom field must match the name of the custom field in your contact settings. For example, if you have a custom field called Salesforce ID, you would include a column in your CSV file called Salesforce ID.

Of the four columns, only the email address is required. All other columns are optional. If you do not specify a name or reference, Nextform will leave the fields blank. If you do not specify a brand id, Nextform will use the default brand in your organization’s settings.

Once you have filled out the template, save it as a .csv file, navigate to the contacts page, upload the file using the Import button, and select your CSV file in the file browser. Nextform will validate the file and display any errors. If there are no errors, you will be able to preview the contacts and import them.

Updating Contacts

On subsequent imports, Nextform will update existing contacts if the email address matches. If the email address does not match, Nextform will create a new contact. If you want to update a contact’s name, reference, or brand id, you can do so by including the columns in your CSV file.

Next Steps