Signature Object

The signature object contains information about the individual signer of a form. The signature object is designed to meet electronic signature requirements. Signatures are included as an array property on form objects to allow for forms with more than one signer.

  "id": "RCBrLQKLYAuMg5k9UGCSxC",
  "reference": "ab0b12e2-979c-47be-97d8-acf614685d57",
  "consent": true,
  "name": "Robert Smith",
  "email": "",
  "party": "usPerson",
  "date": "2020-01-01T01:30:00.000Z"

Signature object properties

id string

A unique identifier for authenticated access to the signature.

reference string

A string that is copied from the reference property on the session object to track objects associated with the session.

consent boolean

A boolean indicating whether or not the individual consented to electronically sign the document.

name string

The typed name of the signer.

email string

The email address of the signer. If you provided an email address when you created the session, the email field is locked and cannot be modified by the signer.

party string

A string indicating the party of the signer. This is useful for forms that have more than one signer. Refer to the individual form types to learn about the parties associated with each form.

date date

The date and time of the signature in GMT.