Delete a Form

Forms can be deleted one at a time using the form ID with a DELETE HTTP request. If you need to find a form ID, you can use the list forms endpoint to search for forms by name, email address, and more. When you delete a form, all associated sessions, signatures, events, and PDF files will be deleted along with it.

Example request

Example response

The endpoint responds with the form id and a boolean value indicating the form was successfully deleted.

  "id": "7TXQXohQX6Eu3LvLEG1xvY",
  "deleted": true

GDPR and CCPA compliance

GDPR and CCPA regulations give individuals the right to have their data erased (also known as the "right to be forgotten"). Nextform's DELETE route makes compliance with these regulations easy. When a form is deleted, it is completely and permanently erased from the Nextform platform.